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How to test MRAID tag in each Ad networks?

When you publish the playable ad in Studio to live, you will get a MRAID tag that can be used in the ad networks:

Below is the guide how to test that MRAID tag in some supported ad networks.

Smaato ad network

Step 1. Create new app

Step 2. Create a new order for the app.

Select the “New Direct Order” button, enter the necessary information, and select the “Save & Add Line Item” button.

In the “Create New Line Item” screen, enter the necessary information, and select the “Save & Add Creative” button.

In the “Create Creative” screen, select the Creative Type as “HTML”, and paste the copied MRAID tag to the “Ad Tag” field, and select the “Save” button.

Step 3. Check the playable ad 

Select the “Integration Options” item in the dropdown menu on top right. 

Go to Code Integration for Mobile Sites >  Ad Tag: select Adspace, copy the Ad Tag

Paste the Ad Tag to html file, then open it with any browser to test.

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