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How to modify graphic images of a mini game?

First, you need to download the image which you want to modify by:

  1. Selecting “Customize Game” in Game Settings, which will take you to the Game Editor.
  1. Select an image and click “Download” to download that image.
  1. Or, you can choose the “Download” button (bottom right) to download all of the images of the game at once as a ZIP file.

After receiving all of the image files, you can open them in any graphic editor tool to modify it:

  1. Open the image file in the graphic editor tool.
  1. Edit the image.

Note: please ensure to keep the image’s dimensions the same as the original image. 

  1. Save the changes to the image file.

Below are some popular graphic editor tools:

When finished with the image modification, you can then upload the new image file to the game and apply it:

  1. Select “Customize Game” in the Game Settings and go to Game Editor.
  1. Select an image and click “Upload” to upload the new image to replace the current one.
  1. The new image will then be uploaded and applied to the game.
  1. Or, you can select the “Upload” button (bottom right) to upload all of the new images at once as a ZIP file.
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