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How to make a branded mini game?

There are two ways to make a mini game: 

1. Studio: Do-It-Yourself 

You can use Studio to create branded mini games. 

Studio is a do-it-yourself system. For this reason, how do you use the system? You have to invest time to learn.

Studio supports most of the features you want. However, the graphics must be prepared by yourself.

And for how to use and set up the campaign in Studio, please refer to the guide here to do it yourself.

Please kindly see the website for more information. 

Studio is the right choice for brands or advertising agencies that want to reduce production costs.

2. Plus – We develop all and launch services

We will do all the processing, from graphics work, game coding, to final equipment.

Estimated costs vary greatly depending on project size. However, it is common to have a minimum spend of over USD 7,000.

Please contact us at for more detail (supported languages are English, German, Korean, and Vietnamese).

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