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How to distribute a campaign on the website?

Once you have completed customisation of your Branded Mini-Game, a unique URL is generated for your campaign. With this URL, you can publish it to your website by some methods as below:

1. URL Method: 

You can publish the URL within your website, in a clickable link within an article, or a clickable banner which will lead users to your unique Branded Mini-Game URL.


Bobbies Case Study page:

This page has a “Play Demo” button which will open the game when clicked.

2. Embedded Method: 

You can embed the URL into your website by using website embedding functions such as iFrame.

Please note that there might be some well-known issues caused by the platform, such as IFrame issues in IOS; we will help resolve these issues for clients under the Enterprise service.


Papa Moll demo page:

This page has an embedded game which can be played directly on the page.

Sample code to embed the game:

<style>iframe{ border : none;}.bg-game{ height : 1200px;}</style>
<div class=”bg-game” style=”margin:auto;”> <iframe src=”” width=”100%”></iframe></div>

Note: is the real campaign URL which you can find by checking the “Display real campaign URL” option in the Campaign Settings page.

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