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How to advertise a campaign?

After publishing your campaign, you will get a unique Branded Mini-Game URL (campaign URL) like below:

With this campaign URL, there are several ways you can distribute your campaign like below:

  • Website: Add a banner image or link that will open your campaign URL when clicked.
  • Facebook: Add the campaign URL in a post, CTA button, custom tab, or using Facebook Audience Network.
  • Twitter: Post a tweet that contains the campaign URL to your followers.
  • Ad Networks: Advertise your campaign URL as a ‘Visit Website’ option.
  • Email: Include a clickable banner or link with campaign URL within your marketing email or your e-newsletter to users.
  • SMS Broadcast: Broadcast an SMS text message promoting your game and include your campaign URL for users to click-through on their mobile phone.
  • Online Banners: Advertise a clickable banner that will click-through to your campaign URL.
  • In-App Advertising: Advertise a clickable banner or a text URL that will click-through to your campaign URL.
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