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How to add more “pre-generated coupon” to the campaign?

You can add more “pre-generated coupon” to your campaign by following the steps below:

1. Go to Studio website and log in with your account.

Note: if you don’t have an account yet, please check this article.

2. On the top menu bar, select the “Dashboard” button to go to the campaign dashboard.

3. Find the campaign which you want to add more “pre-generated coupon” and tap the “Settings” icon on top right of the campaign thumbnail.

4. Select the “Manage Coupon” item.

5. In the “Manage Coupon” page, select the “Add” button then browse and upload your new coupon list file.


  • Only CSV / XLS / XLSX format supported.
  • File must have 1 column and no header. You can download a sample coupon list file here.
  • Technically, there is no number of coupon limitations in the file, but the bigger the file is, the longer time it takes to input all to the system.

6. If the campaign has been published, after updating, please do select the “Save Changes” button on the top right to apply your changes to the campaign.

For more detail about how to customize the campaign furthermore after publishing, please check this article.

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