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How much does it cost to create a branded mini game?

With Studio – Self Service you do the customization through our sophisticated Studio.

The cost depends on the subscription plan which best suits your needs:

1. Subscription Plans:

  • Free plan: free of charge, but your campaigns will show ads interspersed throughout the game.
  • Basic/Standard/Premium/Advance plans: you will be charged on a monthly basis, but you can have a number of campaigns which have no ads.
    • Note: you can choose to be charged on an annual basis with a great discount value (~16.67%).

2. Monthly Price: you will be charged this amount on a monthly basis.

3. Number of Campaigns: the number of “Non Ad” campaigns which you can have at a time.

There are 2 types of campaign:

  • Non-Ad campaign: the campaign will not show any ads. But only a limited number of this type of campaign can be run at a time (depending on the subscription plan).
  • Advert campaign: the campaign will show ads at the beginning and after playing. There’s no limitation for this type of campaign.

4. Impressions per Month: the maximum amount of impressions which a Non Ad campaign has in each month.

An impression is counted when the campaign is loaded successfully.

If the impression counter reaches the “impressions per month” number, your users will not be able to access the campaign until next month (when the impression counter is reset).

5. AD in Game: you can create the campaign which will not show any ads or not.

6. Campaign Analytics: you can view the campaign analytics data of the campaign or not.

7. Custom Domain: you can set the campaign to use your own domain for the campaign URL or not.

8. More Analytics: you can view more campaign analytics data of the campaign or not.

9. Mailchimp Integration: you can use Mailchimp Integration feature in the campaign or not.

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