Branded Mini Games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features. They are fully customisable to any brand and run well on laptop, tablet, mobile or within an app.

How can I distribute my BMG Campaign ​on​ the website?


Once you have completed customisation of your Branded Mini-Game, a unique URL is generated for your campaign. With this URL, you can publish it to your website by some methods as below:

1. URL Method: 

You can publish the URL within your website, in a clickable link within an article, or a clickable banner which will lead users to your unique Branded Mini-Game URL.


Bobbies Case Study page:

This page has a “Play Demo” button which will open the game when clicked.


2. Embedded Method: 

You can embed the URL into your website by using website embedding functions such as iFrame.

Please note that there might be some well-known issues caused by the platform, such as IFrame issues in IOS; we will help resolve these issues for clients under the Enterprise service.


Papa Moll demo page:

This page has an embedded game which can be played directly on the page.


Sample code to embed the game:



border : none;



height : 1200px;



<div class="bg-game" style="margin:auto;"><iframe src="" width="100%"></iframe>


Note: "" is the real campaign URL which you can find in BMG Studio > go to Dashboard > select the campaign > Campaign Settings > Campaign URL > check “Display real campaign URL”.