What is CTA? How can I set up CTA in my campaign?

CTA is Call-To-Action, which is the action which you want to guide users to do after playing game.

You can set up CTA for your campaign by following below steps:

  1. Sign in to BMG Studio website (https://studio.brandedminigames.com)
  2. Go to Dashboard page.
  3. Find the campaign which you want to set the heart settings and select it.
  4. Select “Page Settings” menu on the left, and then select “Result & Call To Action”.
  5. In “Call To Action” section on the right, turn on the kind of CTA which you want to use for your campaign
  • Website Link: add a CTA banner in Result page, when a user clicks it, a new window is opened and goes to the “URL”.
  • Video Clip: add a video clip in Result page.
  • Coupon Download: add a Coupon Download button in the Result page, user can click it and get a coupon number.

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