What is custom domain? How can I set it?

The Custom Domain is an option to make a URL for your campaign by using your own domain.

E.g. http://sub.yourdomain.com/CampaignName

You can set up Custom Domain for your campaign by following below steps:

  1. Sign in to BMG Studio website (https://studio.brandedminigames.com)
  2. Go to Dashboard page.
  3. Find the campaign which you want to set and select it.
  4. Select “Campaign Settings” menu on the left.
  5. In “Campaign URL” section on the right, please input the custom domain for your campaign.
  6. Select “Change” to apply it.


  • This features is only available for paid campaign.
  • You need to add http://sbmg.net value to your CNAME field.
  • SSL is not supported yet. (e.g., https://sub.yourdomain.com)

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