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PAC Admin Guide Document


Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Dashboard
  3. Campaigns
  4. Games
  5. Coupons
  6. Analytics



1. Overview

The purpose of this system is not only to manage HTML5 game campaigns for PAC Contents Delivery System (CDS) on board, but also to enable viewing of campaign analytics data. 





admin / admin



2. Dashboard


The dashboard displays campaign status information, including game log data of current 'go live' campaigns.


Campaign Status


Status Description
Ready to live Campaign not yet started.  The game for this campaign can be played, however the coupon code offered after playing the game cannot not yet be received.
Go live Campaign has started.  The game for this campaign can be played and  the coupon code offered after playing the game can be received.
Finished Campaign is finished.  The game for this campaign can be played, however the coupon code offered after playing the game cannot not yet be received.


Game Log Data


*Only 'go live' campaign log data is displayed

Log Data Description
Impression Number on campaign views
Start Game Number of START button clicks
Stay 5 Sec Number that stayed in the game for at least 5 seconds
End Game Number that finished playing the game
Insert User Info Number that input user name and email address



3. Campaigns


3.1. Manage Campaigns


Campaign refers to an HTML5 game delivered to PAC CDS using an uploaded Branded Mini-Game. All campaign information and status can be viewed on this page, such as campaign ID, title, game title for campaign, carrier,  flight number, coupon, registered date and status.


Currently, only downloading campaigns as a ZIP file is the only option supported.

*Note: In order to develop the 'send to PAC CDS' option, please provide proper guiedlines for it.


3.2. Create new Campaign


Create a new campaign using the uploaded Branded Mini-Game for each Carrier and Aircraft.

The creation process is as follows:

1. Fill in the Campaign Information 
    (Campaign title, description, Campaign banner on board)
2. Fill in the Flight Information (Carrier, Flight Number)
3. Select a proper Branded Mini-Game and Coupon
4. Set the start and end date


*NOTE(to cherie): Flight Information is currently used temporarily, So, please let me know how it should be used in game.

**NOTE: The start date, end date and time, for now, use the server time zone - Pacific Time. However, the client time zone must be known, therefore please provide guidance on how to obtain client time zones.(ex, time zone from PAC API)

***NOTE: Given that the campaign created will be based on the pre-uploaded Branded Mini-Game, it is necessary that it is prepared in advance.

****NOTE: Coupons are to be selected for each campaign and therefore should be prepared well in advance.



4. Games


4.1. Manage Games


These games are Branded Mini-Games which have been developed for sponsored brands.

Action Point Description
Create Create a campaign using this Branded Mini-Game
Edit Modify the current Branded Mini Game 
Delete Remove the current Branded Mini Game 


4.2. Upload new Game


Upload a new Branded Mini-Game.

The Branded Mini-Games will be prepared by M-Biz Global, for now, as there are no game editor resources to modify the game itself.



5. Coupons


5.1. Manage Coupons


Every campaign has a designated coupon package in order for end users to receive a coupon code after having played the game. 


5.2. Create new Coupon


Create a coupon package by selecting type and options, then you can make your own coupon system. 

*NOTE: he maximum coupon code length is 20 characters.


Coupon Type

There are three types of coupons in the system,

Coupon Type Description
Static Code


End users will receive the static coupon code inserted by you 

Random Code

coupon-random.pngEnd users will receive the random coupon code set by you

Pre-generated Coupon


If you wish to use a preset coupon code, you can fill it in the csv. or xls. file. This enables you to control how many coupon codes will be provided using the pregenerated option

See the sample file here



Default Coupon Image

The coupon background image can be changed.  (If it is not changed, the image below will be the default image shown)

*NOTE: The location of the coupon code and information is fixed, therefore the background image should follow the same style and shape..



Expired Date

The expiry date of the coupon code can be set.

It's just word to be displayed in the Coupon Image.


Allow Multiple Win

Enabled: End user receives a different coupon code after playing a game.

Disabled: End user always receives the same coupon code after playing a game.

*NOTE: Each unique end user will be identifiable through their email address.



6. Analytics


PAC Admin provides log information for each campaign. You can select a campaign and set a date range 

*NOTE: Please inform us of which data must be shown in the analytics page.


6.1. Campaign Info

Log information for each campaign

Similar to the Dashboard Page which displays information on all ongoing campaigns, here information specific to a campaign is displayed.


6.2. Flight Info

Log information for each campaign based on the date, departure and arrival time. 

*NOTE: This page is has been created temporarily. Ideally, it would be better to be informed of which data needs to be shown.


6.3. User Info

Log information for each campaign based on the unique user based on their email address. 


6.4. Coupon Info

Log information for each campaign based on the received Coupon Code.


6.5. Transaction Info 

Displays all the transaction log information for each campaign.