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PAC Coupon System Guide Document



1. Overview

When the coupon code is received after the game is played, our system will send an email with the coupon code to the end user.

The reason for sending the coupon code  via email is to enable end users to check and download their coupon codes whenever they want after landing.


The coupon system will be grouped by carriers. This means that only coupon codes from the same carrier can be seen. As a result, if a user has played games on 2 carriers, he/she will have to sign-in to 2 carrier coupon systems.


For example, If you get a Coupon on United Airline plane. The Coupon System URL will be,

Only coupons from United Airline can be seen in this coupon system.



2. Checking process

2.1. Create a new campaign


At first, Create a new campaign using the uploaded brand game in PAC Admin > Campaigns > Create New Campaign.



2.2. Play the created campaign

After the new campaign has been created, it can be seen in the manage campaign list.

Click the campaign title and open it in a new window. 

Play the campaign game.



2.3. Insert User Information (User Name, Email Address)


The user name and email address can be inserted after playing the game. The SUBMIT button then clicked in order to receive the coupon code from the server.

If there is no internet connection or an unstable connection, user information cannot be sent and therefore the coupon code cannot be received. User information and game log data will be stored on the user's device, which will be resent to the server when the SUBMIT button is next clicked for logging in purposes.


2.4. Download the Coupon Image 

Once a coupon code has been received from the server, it can be downloaded as an image file.

Additionally, the coupon code will be sent to the user's email address.



2.5. Receive the Coupon Code via Email

05.receive-email.pngOnce the coupon email has been received, the coupon code, coupon system URL and password can be seen.


2.6. Click the Coupon System Link in the Email 

The coupon system URL is to be opened in the email received.

One can sign in using the link below as an example:


2.7. Sign in with Email Address and Password

One can sign in to the coupon system using an email address and password.

For example, in this guide, the ID and password would be: / jPau0rJ6


2.8. See your Coupon Code and Image


After sign in, one can see the list of coupon codes collected in a single carrier. In this example, only the coupon codes from United Airlines can be seen.

In this example, you can see only the Coupon codes to be gathered from United Airline.