Branded Mini Games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features. They are fully customisable to any brand and run well on laptop, tablet, mobile or within an app.

What is the Campaign Target?


The Campaign target helps to identify where you want to integrate your campaign, then during the process of creating your campaign, system will show the settings which helps to achieve that target.

There’re 4 type of campaign target:

  • Mobile (Web): integrate and incorporate your mini-game as a content integration in eye-catching and visible sections of your website.
  • Facebook: integrate your Mini-Game within the Facebook Gaming App or use the Facebook Canvas to bring across your brand story to your users.
  • Mobile App: turn your App into an interactive platform. Integrate the Mini-Game in your app, attract new users and retain existing customers by providing a unique user experience.
  • Messenger Bot: offer exciting games to your users to increase entertainment for when the text conversation among friends dries up. Friends will share the games with each other and create a positive viral effect.