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How can I upload my BMG Campaign to a Facebook Page Tab?



1. Introduction

This article explains how to upload a BMG Campaign which you have published on BMG Studio ( to the Facebook Page tab menu.

2. Create a Facebook App

You need to create a Facebook App and add it to the page tab menu with a Facebook Developers account (

2.1 Add a New App

My Apps > Add a New App( Select the Advanced Setup )


2.2 Create a New App ID

Insert Display Name, Namespace(unique name) - optional, Category(eg, Entertainment) then click the Create App ID button:


Note: Facebook Alert for Display Name

Certain terms like "face" are not allowed. For example, you may not use our trademarks or brand elements (including FB, Face, Book, Instagram, and Rift) or any confusingly similar terms in your app name if such term is, or could be perceived as, a reference to Facebook or its brands.

We ask that you only submit an app name appeal if you have reviewed all applicable policies and believe you are in compliance. Please note that we rarely grant app name appeals.

2.3 Dashboard

Now you can get the App ID, App Secret of your Facebook App (please insert them in the Facebook Settings page of your campaign in BMG Studio or send to us if you have used BMG Enterprise service)image14.png

2.4 Settings

Please insert the correct Contact Email, App Domains.

Note: App Domains can be changed depending on the domain of the Campaign URL in BMG Studio.

E.g. You need to input to App Domains field if your Campaign URL looks like this:


2.5 Add Platform

2.5.1 Click the ‘+Add Platform’:



2.5.2 Select the ‘Page Tab’ menu


Insert the Page Tab Name.

Insert Page Tab Edit URL: it can be the same as Secure Page Tab URL.

Upload the Page Tab Image (size 111 x 74px).


2.5.3 Insert information for Page Tab

Insert your Secure Page Tab URL in the Facebook Settings page in BMG Studio to Secure Page Tab URL in Facebook.



2.5.4 Insert information into Facebook Settings in BMG Studio

Insert the App ID and Secret ID of your Facebook App into the BMG Target Setting of your Campaign Setting on BMG Studio.



2.5.5 Insert "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" of your Facebook App Login Settings

Insert the campaign URL into the "Valid OAuth Redirect URIs" of your Facebook Login Settings.


2.6 Set the App Details

You can set the App Details to whatever you want, or leave it blank if you prefer.

NOTE: You may receive Alerts from Facebook by Facebook Policy if you don’t insert the proper Privacy Policy.


2.7 Status & Review

In Facebook App Review section, toggle on the settings “Make [AppName] public?”.


3. How to add to FB Page Tab Menu

3.1 Add to Facebook Page Tab Menu

You need to copy the below URL with your App ID to your Browser and select your Page what you want to add (as there's no ordinary menu to add to Page Tab Menu in the Facebook Setting):[APPID]&pages

APPID : App ID in the Dashboard of your App newly created.




Note: You need to make a Facebook Page first if you don’t already have one, then you can select it to add the campaign as a Page Tab of your Facebook Page.


3.2 Facebook Page Tab

Now you can see your Campaign on your Facebook Page with newly-added Page Tab.



3.3 How to remove your Campaign from Facebook Page Tab Menu

You can remove the Page Tab of your Campaign in your Facebook Page by following below steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Edit Page menu.
  4. Find the Page Tab of your Campaign and turn it off.



4. Facebook Campaign Flow

4.1 Authorization of the Facebook App


4.2 Introduction (if exists)


4.3 Playing Game

image125.png image117.png

4.4 Privacy Policy & Sign In


4.5 Leaderboard & CTA