What is Your Mini Games?

What is Your Mini-Games?
Your Mini-Games offers free HTML5 social games to help increase your brand awareness and loyalty. The games contain rewarding elements and social media features and can be integrated on websites, as in-app integration, in messenger apps, chatbots and more.

How It Works?
You can use our free self-service software and create your HTML5 game by uploading your brand logo into the game. You receive your own HTML5 game URL which can be integrated on your website as an iframe, display banner or as a popup as well as in-app. The game size automatically adjusts to the mobile browser screen size .

Is Your Mini-Games Free of Ads?
By default, Your Mini-Games will show ads every time you play. This is the only business model that supports their cost. If you do not want to see ads, you can switch to the paid version with only $ 99 per game.

Is Your Mini-Games Fully Customizable?
Your Mini-Games only offers a brand logo integration in the HTML5 game. In some cases, you may want to customize the game more in detail by adding product images or changing the background, please check out Branded Mini-Games Studio (https://studio.brandedminigames.com). Branded Mini-Games allows you to modify the entire game resources as well as create HTML5 games for Facebook. You can also create HTML5 games that allow earning reward points and give out fancy prizes.

More Information
If you need more information about Branded Mini Games, please visit www.brandedminigames.com

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